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Billede: 2767 EU
Filter P-GS 0012 - 15 kg/h - 1/2" (04/20)

Filter P-GS 0012 - 15 kg/h - 1/2" (04/20)

NOK 9.968,00 NOK 12.460,00
Steam filtering complete housing

House P-EG
Volumstrøm ved 7 bar m3/h (nom/max): 120/180
connect: R ½"
Dimensjonen i mm (A/B/C/D/E*): 243/108/70/55/120
Vekt i kg: 1,9.

Element P-GS 04/20

*A: Høyde, B: Bredde, C: Ø, D: con. Høyde og E: Rem. høyde

The ultrafilter P-GS filter ist designed for removal

The P-GS consists of a regenerable weldless filter
pipe made from sintered stainless steel. Retention rate: 25 my

Features and advantages
- Good durability against most liquids, aggressive gases and steams.
- The porosity level is more than 50 % ensuring high particle and dirt load capacity as well as a good flow rate at a
low differential pressure.
- Regeneration by ultrasonic bath.